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Hazard!! Dryer Fires in NY

I have been cleaning dryer vents for the past 20 years and most of the time it was a quick in and out in the customers house. Basically clean the vent from the dryer to the outside and leave. Today when I cleaned out the dryer and it took me about three hours and some repair work. I realized how much lint is in the dryer vent. Just for starters dryer vents should be cleaned out every year to two years. When you notice that your wet clothes is not dried After the first round of the drying process then that means there is no air escaping from the drying machine. So at this customer’s house the dryer vent was really clogged with lint and I noticed after about 20 minutes of doing the cleaning that the run from the dryer to the attic was properly attached with 4 inch tubing but From the atti to the roof was attached to a 3 inch tubing. So all the lint was going from the dryer to the end of the 4 inch tubing in the attic. The realization made me understand that not every contractor that does the contracting in the house really takes care of the vent system. This is crucial because not all the lint escapes to the outside. The dryer should be attached to a 4 inch tubing from the dryer all the way to the outside. In the pictures I posted you could see How much lint came out of a 15 feet of piping. Please be aware that if you keep pushing your dryer to dry your clothes without cleaning your dryer vent it will cause a fire in the house. Thank you for reading this and this was actually my first blog that I actually wrote on my own and my name is Andy and if you need dryer vent cleaning in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, MD, Connecticut please don’t hesitate to call me at 800-613-1823

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