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5 Tips on Staying Cool This Summer

Summer is about a month away, Being in the HVAC industry this is the time when every HVAC company in the Industry gets busy. This is the 5 tips on staying cool this summer with an effective HVAC Unit. 




This Should definitely be done every 2-3 months. If you experience allergies then every month.

If you are using a Reusable Filter. Then take the filter out of your unit. Whether it is a Split System Unit or a Full Central AC/Heating Unit. Go to the nearest sink or outside in the back yard, and use the hose to water the filter down. Make sure that your filter shines Blue (because that is the way it came in the package when you bought it). Now you know it is Clean.

If you are using a Disposable Filter, Then DISPOSE OF IT. Take it out of the Unit and throw it in the garbage.

Place the filter Accordingly and make sure there is no gaps between the filter and the entry way of the filter. 

For A Limited Time We at AnbitAir OFFER FREE Filters.

2. Clean Your Outdoor Unit. 


One common issue I see with this is that no one pays attention to this outdoor unit. WHY? The Simple Answer is that you dont realize the importance of this system. You just know for sure that its for the HVAC unit and it provides AC.

The First thing you should notice on the outdoor unit is if the unit has accumulated dirt, debris. If it has then water down the system. Take the hose and try to clean as much as possible. Or if you don't like to get your hands dirty then give us a call 800-613-1823.

The Cleaner Your HVAC Unit Indoor and Outdoor the cleaner and safer the systems will operate. I promise. 

3. Cleaning Your Indoor Duct Work!! CRUCIAL ** HEALTH MIGHT BE IN EFFECT***


This will require a certified Duct Cleaning Expert because they have the knowledge and machinery to remove all dust, debris and contaminants. 

If you clean the duct work by using a small vacuum to clean the entryways of the vents then you should stop because you probably wasted time doing it, The Truth behind it is that you will still call an AIR DUCT CLEANING EXPERT TO CLEAN YOUR DUCTS. 

Duct Cleaning usually takes about 3-4 hours to thoroughly clean, This Job should cost around $250-$700 depending on the amount of vents and units you have. 

4.  BY identifying common issues with the HVAC unit saves you hundreds of dollars in repair and replacement costs. 


-Ensure your fan belts are in good shape, if not this is a simple fix, but if you are not a handy guy. Take a few steps back and give us a call 800-613-1823 or 917-392-1664

As long as you buy the right parts for the right fix you should have no problem. WARNING* and be advised that you shouldn't stick your fingers in a HVAC unit if you are not familiar with HVAC Units. 



Have a Professional HVAC Company come by twice a year, One in the Summer and One in the Winter. To make sure you are not having any major issues. 

Ensure Your AC is working perfectly for the summer to Start

Stay Tuned and Please subscribe as I will bring more knowledge in the upcoming months and years. 


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