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Features and Benefits of AnbitAir's HVAC, PTAC and SPLIT System Cleaning 


The AnbitAir HVAC Cleaning, PTAC Cleaning, and SPLIT System Cleaning process has been certified as a “Green” process by the Green Clean Institute based on four factors:

  1. The removal of pollutants from A/C units

  2. Maximizing efficiency in the units

  3. Improvement in indoor air quality

  4. Health benefits for allergy and asthma suffers

  • Reduces energy costs by allowing A/C units to transfer hot or cold air more efficiently (Temperature, kW) and at a higher speed (Air Flow)

  • Minimizes downtime at your facility with flexible scheduling to meet your needs

  • Enhances the overall experience of your facility with improved indoor air quality and freshness

  • Extends asset life by delaying corrosion and unit failure with regularly scheduled service